Top 10 Web Hacks of 2006

Jeremiah Grossman, RSnake and Robert Augerand have put together an interesting collection of web application hacks discovered in 2006.

Top 10
1. Web Browser Intranet Hacking / Port Scanning – (with JavaScript and with HTML-only and the improved model)
2. Internet Explorer 7 “mhtml:” Redirection Information Disclosure
3. Anti-DNS Pinning and Circumventing Anti-Anti DNS pinning
4. Web Browser History Stealing – (with CSS, evil marketing, JS login-detection, and authenticated images)
5. Backdooring Media Files (QuickTime, Flash, PDF, Images, Word [2], and MP3’s)
6. Forging HTTP request headers with Flash
7. Exponential XSS
8. Encoding Filter Bypass (UTF-7, Variable Width, US-ASCII)
9. Web Worms – (AdultSpace, MySpace, Xanga)
10. Hacking RSS Feeds

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