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Government Agencies debate over automatic penetration tools

It seems that debate over the automatic tools vs. manual penetration tools raises serious questions within the government agencies.South Carolina and Delaware already use Core Impact, other might follow:

Think Twice When Choosing Pentesters

Nick Baskett wrote an interesting article in it-observer about best practices when hiring an external penetration testing consultant. I hope that more and more business decision makers will apply his advices :

Web App Security Hall Of Fame – Meet the Gurus part 2

If there is any mention of XSS, there is a big chance RSnake’s name or its cheat sheet is mentioned along with it. His contribution in the web application security awareness is legendary.

PHP vs. PHP. Live bugs every day during March

It seems that Esser’s initiative to disclose one PHP vulnerability each day during March 2007 is unpopular among core PHP developers, especially for Zeev Suraski, co-creator of PHP and chief technology officer of Zend, which manages PHP development.

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