Now You Can Do Anti-Virus Audit with Nessus

Tenable puts a cool Antivirus deployment Audit checks into it’s ground breaking Nessus tool. Compliance is the universal security obsession and I think Nessus will move more and more into this area. Quote:

For compliance, if an organization has selected one or more anti-virus solutions, being able to audit this with Nessus can prove to an auditor that a solution is indeed installed, in use and up to date.

At the time of this writing, the following anti-virus solutions are detected as installed, running and up-to-date by Nessus:

  • #24232 BitDefender Check
  • #20284 Kaspersky Anti-Virus Check
  • #12107 McAfee Anti Virus Check
  • #21608 NOD32 Antivirus System Check
  • #12106 Norton Anti Virus Check
  • #20283 Panda Antivirus Check
  • #21725 Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition Check
  • #14835 Symantec Norton AntiVirus Version Detection
  • #16192 Trend Micro Anti Virus Check
  • #24344 Windows Live OneCare AntiVirus Check

Tenable’s blog on : Auditing Anti-Virus Products with Nessus

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2 Responses to “Now You Can Do Anti-Virus Audit with Nessus

  • 1
    alan shimel
    February 17th, 2007 20:40

    Hi saw your post on the security bloggers network feed. I saw the Tenable post as well. My question is what good is scanning for the anti-virus without taking some action. Either quarantine or remediate the device. Discovery for discovery sakes alone is not compliance. This is why with vulnerability management scanning doing compliance management, I think it is an interim step towards NAC type of functionality or automated remediation.

  • 2
    February 18th, 2007 02:09

    you are right Alan, I also think that a good security management framework should go beyond ticking boxes on a compliance checklist.

    However,by adding AntiVirus audit checks, Tenable seems to go for a piece of the compliance pie.

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