Drive-By Pharming – Let me fine tune your DNS entries

ABC News reports on a new attack vector targeted at broadband routers / acces points : Drive-By Pharming. This attack has one of the most devastating potential we’ve seen this year and I would rate it as very high impact. Maybe not as massive as the Universal PDF XSS Vulnerability , but still raises a few big question marks about web applications’ security. C’mon, directly altering my router’s DNS settings ? How scary is that … Here is an ABC News quote on the subject :

Professor Markus Jakobsson of Indiana University has done a lot of research on router vulnerabilities. Jeremiah Grossman of WhiteHat Security gave a talk at the Black Hat conference last year on Javascript malware. Zulfikar Ramzan of Symantec Security Response put the two pieces together… and realized that it’s possible for Javascript on a web site to modify your router’s DNS settings.

The full release by Zulfikar Ramzan of Symantec Security Response.

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