Best Forensics Tools – 2007 Edition

SC Magazine has released a group test of the best forensic tools of 2007. The test looked at several classes of forensic tools, including traditional computer forensics tools; network forensics analyzers; specialized tools for such things as live forensic capture, PDA forensics, etc.; and tools for performing forensic captures over networks, largely in an incident response environment.

The products which were evaluated :

  • Device Seizure v. 1.1
  • EnCase Forensic v. 6
  • Gargoyle Investigator
  • LiveWire Investigator v. 3.1.1C
  • LR1000 v. 3.5
  • P2 Enterprise Shuttle
  • ProDiscover IR v 4.9

The conclusions were that while the available tools tend to be more and more alike, offering mostly the same features, the forensics application vendors are exploring ways to capture forensic data on the media and on the network in very difficult circumstances.

The winners are :

  • We liked WetStone Technologies Gargoyle Investigator Forensic Pro Edition v. 2.6.1 a lot for its utility, value and ease of use. We award it our Best Buy.
  • For its very high value, ease of use and solid functionality we award Technology Pathways ProDiscover IR v 4.9 our Recommended rating.
  • WetStone Technologies LiveWire Investigator v. 3.1.1C is an extremely powerful tool for analyzing computers without taking them off-line. We award LiveWire our Approved for SC Labs rating for its utility, performance and extremely strong documentation.

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