Hacktivism spreads in Estonia and Russia

red army Hacktivism is not dead. The modern way of cyber battle has taken the violence off the streets of Russia and Estonia to a new level.  F-Secure’s blog presents the scale of the attacks against Estonian servers.

On many Russian-speaking forums, we’ve seen discussion about starting a massive attack today, on the 9th of May – as this is a Victory holiday in Russia. And sure enough, after three calm days, just after midnight we saw a large botnet attack against multiple Estonian targets.

It all started a week ago with Estonia’s removal of a Red Army monument last month from the centre of Tallinn which  infuriated the Kremlin and sparked violence in the Estonian capital as ethnic Russians rioted.

It is quite sad to see that the horrors of WW2 still cast a shadow of violence more than 60 years later.

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