Sharebot stops P2P information leaks

Sharebot stops P2P information leaks or should I have said unwanted information disclosure because, as you know, nothing can stop a disgruntled employee to upload your Q1 2007 profits & losses to a P2P network 🙂
So,one of the biggest risks of using a P2P application is the lack of control over what files are stored and transferred trough the network. Earlier this year, one of the Japanese P2P networks (Winny) was infected with a Trojan that threatened to kill the users if they didn’t stop using P2P file-sharing applications.

The other threat is the unauthorised  information leak, especially if the P2P user is  hosting sensitive documents on his machine. Share, a Japanese P2P file sharing software developed by an anonymous author, is a pure peer-to-peer (P2P) communication model with no central system in the network. In a pure P2P communications model, each user has identical capabilities and any user can initiate a communication session.

Share P2P uses encryption and cache technologies to hide the users’ identity, making it very difficult to know who is transferring data or what data is being transferred. Recent viruses in the Share network uploaded the users’ files to the Share network, causing critical information leaks. Once the users’ files are uploaded, there was no method for deleting the file in a pure P2P environment.

However, using eEye’s Sharebot application, you can discover who is transferring data to whom and if you are the victim of an information leak.
The Sharebot application crawls the Share network, acting as a node. This allows Sharebot to collect IP addresses and file information in order to identify who is sharing data. You can download Retina Sharebot Personal Edition free for personal use only.

Please let me know if you are aware of any other specific P2P anti-virus / anti-spyware.

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