Domain blocking with OpenDNS – Free URL Filtering ?

OpenDNS domain blocking OpenDNS has added a new interesting feature to their free DNS resolution service. It’s about domain blocking. It may seem a poor man’s URL filtering solution.

We’re launching a powerful new feature today. We are giving you the power to block specific websites. That means you can protect your computer, your house, your office and anything else that uses DNS from being able to service domains that you don’t want to load.

If I were David Ulevitch, Founder and CEO, my next step would be a fully managed URL filtering service . I mean it’s great that their service is free, but come on, it’s pretty hard to edit tens of millions of domains by hand. Why not pay for a fully categorised and updated URl filtering service ?  I guess we’ll wait and see.

Have you had any experiences with managed URL fitering services? Is it better than rolling your own Websense-Surfcontrol installation ?

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