Biggest Identity Theft Incidents During May 7 – 15

Identity Theft IncidentsIdentity theft happens everyday and apparently there are no security controls which can stop this menace. Ranging from a few hundred SSN disclosure to milions of credit card compromise – (TJ MAXX is a "good refference" on this subject) – identity theft continues to pose one of the biggest threats to US Internet economy.

The following are some of the biggest identity theft incidents collected last week  by Data Loss Archive and Database.

Mon, May 7
The state Department of Administration may have inadvertently disclosed the Social Security numbers of dozens of people involved with women- or minority-owned businesses, officials said today.

Tue, May 8
A recent attack on the University of Missouri system computer database allowed an unknown hacker, or several hackers, to retrieve 22,396 names
and Social Security numbers of individuals associated with the university.

Wed, May 9
STANDARD Life has admitted that up to 300 customers may have been affected by a security breach in which personal information was sent to others by mistake.

Thu, May 10
Highland Hospital is warning its patients of a security breach.A hospital spokesperson told us two computers containing patient information were stolen from one of its business offices last month. Over  13,000 people are affected.

Sat, May 12
Police are investigating the disappearance of medical files containing personal information for nearly 300 patients from UCI Medical Center, university officials said Thursday.

Sat, May 12
From May 5 to 7, a Goshen College computer was remotely accessed by a "hacker" with the suspected motivation of using the system to send spam
e-mails, Goshen College officials said Friday.

Sun, May 13
Utah State Auditor Auston Johnson conducted a "sting" operation a year ago that found important information – including Social Security and credit
card numbers – on a handful of state surplus computers that were heading toward public sale.,1249,660220231,00.html

Tue, May 15
The Community College of Southern Nevada is warning nearly 200,000 current and past students that their names and social security numbers may have been stolen… months ago.

Have you been the victim of identity theft ? What would be the first 3 things to do when you find out about your credit card compromise ?

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