Security Keywords MFA (made for ads) websites

In case you use Adsense, YPN or Chitika you might be interested in‘s free service which lists hundreds of websites that you can filter not to appear on your website.Think of it as a spamware protection 🙂

What is ABL? is a unique project designed to enable you to dramatically reduce the amount of MFA (made for ads) and LCPC (low cost per click) sites which appear through the use of PPC systems such as Google Adsense™, Yahoo Publisher Network™ and Chitika eMiniMalls™

To test the service, I got a list of MFA sites which were generated for these keywords: security tips news spyware phishing virus trojan web vulnerabilities hackers computers windows free p2p linux firewall. I will not post the MFA URLs here, instead, you can download them as a pdf file here. If you chose to use this service, remember to double check the generated sites before updating your filters.


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