PhishTank AND Anti-Phishing Working Group join forces

Phishtank and OpeDNSI have the power to see into the future!

On May 17 I wrote about the main differences between PhishTank vs. Anti-Phishing Working Group and I was quite suprised to read David Ulevitch‘s comments on that post about an imminent OpenDNS press release.

Well, it happened !.  PhishTank and Anti-Phishing Working Group started a research alliance for better understanding and fighting phishing incidents. The OpenDNS blog (founder of PhishTank) writes:

We’re young, but growing at lightning speed. The human approach OpenDNS and PhishTank bring to the table is an incredibly important element to combatting the problem.Anti-Phishing Working Group and OpenDNS make a great team and we’re excited about what we can accomplish together.

I just hope that good things will come out of this joined effort and I wish David and his team good luck in the new project!  Well, it seems that the managed URL filtering service I anticipated might include phishing protection as well 🙂 

And yes, I made it to the beta tester list . I will review the service as soon as I will have access to test it.

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