Top 15 free SQL Injection Scanners by Security Hacks

SQL injectionSecurity Hacks assembled a list of Top 15 free SQL Injection Scanners which include some of the most popular SQL injection tools such as : SQLibf, Absinthe, NGSS SQL Injector, etc.

Great resource of tools!
I’ve had my experiences with some of these scanners and although some of them have very intuitive GUI console, unfortunately many times the SQL injection vulnerability is not visible (the error messages are filtered) and one has to relay on manual blind SQL injection. Painfull but rewarding . I will test some of these tools on one future assessment and I will post the results.

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    John Biethan
    June 25th, 2008 12:18

    We’re looking for an off-line MySQL Injection scanner for WordPress that will scan a table that has been downloaded through the normal phpMyAdmin “export” process.

    We are wondering if any scanners like this exist.

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