New WAF tool -REMO- the graphical rule editor for ModSecurity

New WAF tool -REMO- the graphical rule editor for ModSecurity

Configuring webserver security made easy – Well, not yet, but that’s the plan…

Christian Folini announced the public release of REMO, a project to build a graphical rule editor for ModSecurity with a positive/whitelist approach.

Short list of features:

  • Ruby on rails application with ajax use
  • Enter http requests, display them, edit them, delete them, rearrange them
  • Edit the http headers of the requests
  • Edit the query string parameters
  • Edit the cookie parameters
  • Edit the post payload arguments
  • Every argument can be optional or mandatory
  • The response to every argument failure can be configured specially including http status code and optional redirect location
  • Argument names can contain regular expressions themselves
  • Default value domains for all arguments. So you do not have to edit a regular expression for every parameter. Just select a predefined value.
  • Generate positive ModSecurity2 ruleset
  • Import ModSecurity audit-logs
  • Check requests in the audit-log against the ruleset in development to find out wether it will work in practice

New WAF tool -REMO- the graphical rule editor for ModSecurity

I invite you to visit REMO website and give it a shot. Combined with the powerfull mod_security apache module, this might well be a viable Web Application Firewall solution for most of the websites.


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