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I’ve written before about massive data loss incidents which are more or less advertised in the mainstream media. All these security incidents which involve identity theft and compromise of personal data are archived by since Jan 2000. 

There are over 690 incidents in the database and it’s not always easy to pinpoint a specific incident. This is where comes into place : a highly specialized search engine for identity theft  and personal data compromise incidents.

etiolated identity theft

Besides trend graphs and top incidents. offers a complex search syntax which allows you to search by location, number of affected records, year, and many other search terms.

For instance :

(georgia OR california) AND records:[2000 TO *] AND org_type:"Uni" AND breach:"SSN"

will return incidents where the number of records is greater than 2000, occuring in organizations with georgia or california in their names, where the organization is a univeristy, and the type of information breached includes social security numbers.

So whenever you learn about a new identity theft incident, chances are that etiolated already has it indexed together with refferences and breach volume information.

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