WebLOAD – Open Source Load and Stress Testing Tool

If you work in the application QA & QC you know how much you have to rely on the stress testing tools you use in order to get realistic and meaningful test  results. The world of open source stress testing tools has been drastically changed on April 11 when RadView   released it’s flaghip product WebLOAD under a GPL license .

WebLOAD Open Source, licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) version 2, is based on WebLOAD, the company’s flagship product that is already deployed at 1,600 sites. Immediately available for free download and use, WebLOAD is a commercial-grade open source project with more than 250 engineering years of product development.

The WebLOAD.org open community’s goals are set to build a common knowledge base freely available for all professional performance testers and at the same time to perfect and enhance the WebLOAD tesing suite. 


With its open source approach, WebLOAD.org aims to facilitate a significant increase in the implementation of performance testing procedures earlier in the development lifecycle, particularly in the programming phase. Ultimately, this will have the effect of introducing internet applications of higher quality to the benefit of all users.

I have downloaded and installed  WebLOAD and so far it looks great. The easiest way to use the product is to record all user navigation trough it’s built in proxy and set up different replay scenarios.


WebLOAD stress testing tool

The tests are written in Javascript and one can easily embed   Java, ActiveX or COM objects in the test script. The flexible framework of WebLOAD easily enables its expansion in support of other protocols, using the WebLOAD Extensibility SDK.

I encourage you to register as member (it’s free) , download the tool and give it a spin. Feedback is welcome !


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