Regression and Stress Tests with FunkLoad

Regression and Stress Tests with FunkLoad Today it’s time to present another web testing tool called FunkLoad. This python application can be used for functional and regression testing of web applications.

FunkLoad can also be used as a stress / performance testing tool which functions like a fuzzing engine and it gives you reports on application response.

The main FunkLoad features are:

  • Functional test are pure Python scripts using the pyUnit framework like normal unit test. Python enable complex scenarios to handle real world applications.
  • Truly emulates a web browser (single-threaded) using Richard Jones’ webunit:
  • Advanced test runner with many command-line options:
  • Turn a functional test into a load test: just by invoking the bench runner you can identify scalability and performance problems.
  • Detailed bench reports in ReST or HTML (and PDF via ps2pdf) containing:
  • Easy test customization using a configuration file or command line options.
  • Easy test creation using TCPWatch as proxy recorder, so you can use your web browser and produce a FunkLoad test automatically.
  • Provides web assertion helpers.
  • Provides a funkload.CPSTestCase to ease Zope and Nuxeo CPS testing.
  • Easy to install (EasyInstall) and use, see examples in the demo folder.

FunkLoad is released under GPL license, so go ahead download it and give it a spin !  

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