USB Switchblade – the silent killer

USB Switchblade - the silent killer If you are looking for a way to silently run information gathering tools out of a U3 compatible USB thumb drive, look no further. The Hack5 USB Switchblade is a great tool to turn a harmless USB pen drive into a dangerous hacking tool.

While the USB Switchblade does require a system running Windows 2000, XP, or 2003 logged in with Administrative privileges and physical access the beauty lies in the fact that the payload can run silently and without modifying the system or sending network traffic, making it near invisible.

For example the USB Switchblade can be used to retrieve information from a target system at a LAN party by lending the key to an unsuspecting individual with the intent to distribute a game patch or other such warez.

The system presents a modular architecture which enables you to install different packages such as: 

  • Dump SAM
  • Internet Explorer Password Grabber
  • Windows Update Lister
  • Netstat
  • Messenger password Dumper
  • FireFox Password Stealer
  • Silent VNC installer (with external IP send)
  • Username adder

I would definitely recommend using these devices as part of a larger social engineering attack: just use a catchy label and drop them in the customer’s parking lot 🙂 (I know it’s been done already)

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