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New Release : Tiger 3.2.2 , the Unix Security Audit Tool

Following the Freshmeat email about the release of version ‘3.2.2’ of ‘Tiger security tool’ I decided to install it and see what can be done with this security scanner.

Second PHP IDS in 3 months released by CoreLabs

CORE GRASP for PHP is a web-application protection software aimed at detecting and blocking injection vulnerabilities and privacy violations.The present implementation protects PHP 5.2.3 against SQL-injection attacks for the MySQL engine

Starting A Computer Security Incident Response Team ?

In case you neded a place to start in evaluating the steps required for building a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) , look no further. CERT/CC has released the Action List for Developing a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) .

SideJacking – Stealth WiFi Attack

SideJacking is about sniffing HTTP traffic and cloning whatever cookies are exchanged between the browser and the server. In this way, the attacker can clone your session IDs and eventualy they can hijack your account.

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