SIPVicious Tools for auditing SIP devices

I’ve seen today the release of a new tool collection for auditing SIP devices : SIPVicious . Apart from the great name, this suite consists of 3 applications used to map, scan and crack the SIP devices:

  • svmap
    This is a SIP scanner. When launched against ranges of ip address space, it will identify any SIP servers which it finds on the way. Also has the option to scan hosts on ranges of ports.
  • svwar
    Traditionally a war dialer used to call up numbers on the phone network to identify ones that are interesting from ones that are not. With SIP, you can do something similar to identify active users.
  • svcrack
    This is a password cracker making use of digest authentication. It is able to crack passwords on both registrar servers and proxy servers. It can make use of ranges of numbers or a dictionary file full of possible passwords.

The project is released under GPL license and you can download it from it’s Google Code homepage

[June 09 2008 Update]

 SIPVicious 0.2.3 released

Fingerprinting support was added for svmap. and three databases used for fingerprinting were included. was added, which allows one to add new signatures to a database and send them to the author.

A DNS SRV check was added to svmap. The ability for svreport to count results when doing a list was added. A bug related to resuming a scan which does not have an extension was fixed.

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