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Kerberos Consortium Targets Universal Authentication Platform

The Kerberos Consortium goal is to establish Kerberos as the universal authentication platform for the world’s computer networks.

Finjan Web Security Trends Report – Q3/2007

One of the innovative research presented in the report is the security model and risk posed by the various widgets which seem to be the hottest trend in GUI design.Either built for WWW, Windows Vista or Macintosh OSX Dashboard,the widgets are everywhere and Finjan found vulnerabilities in widgets and gadgets that enable attackers to gain control of user machines.

2007 Best of Open Source in Security Awards

InfoWorld has announced the 2007 Best of Open Source in Security Awards and as far as I can see nothing new showed up in the awards list.

Security Tools Fast Links 1

Security tools : Reflector for .NET; Security System Analyzer; Echo Mirage; soapUI

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