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Free Web Application Firewall - Armorlogic Profense Although one may argue that a firewall does not really solve the security problems of an organization, I highly doubt anyone would design a modern network security schema without a solid firewall.

There are many open source network firewalls available on the market and this is why I was very glad to discover an open source web application firewall available for free.

Profense is the flagship product of Armorlogic, a Danish software development company created in early 2005 by Jakob Frydendal Gercke and Srebrenko Sehic, internet security specialists working as Big 4 consultants.

Apparently they founded they own company around web application security and positive security models. It paid off and Profense is already shipping its version 2.

The free version of the product is based on a stripped and hardened OpenBSD platform making it a hard to break appliance .Profense Base is packed with commercial grade features such as

Web Application Firewall

  • Positive filtering
  • Automatic Policy Generation
  • HTTPS (SSL) Aware

Web Accelerator

  • Traffic compression
  • TCP connection off-loading
  • Static content caching
  • Dynamic content caching

Load balancer:

  • HTTP / HTTPS Load balancer
  • Session Persistence

I think that the kind folks at Armorlogic deserve all the community support they can get, so I invite you to download Profense Base and give it a spin!

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