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Nikto 2 Is Out There

Nikto 2 is out ! Finally 🙂 I’m sure most of us have seen the funny message primisinf a new version real soon ; well, it happened and you can check the huge Changelog here.

USB Security Appliance – YOGGIE Pico

The YOGGIE Pico Personal Security Server runs of an USB port and provides more than a dozen security features.No larger than a regular USB thumb drive, Yoggie Pico runs a custom Linux distribution and it packs almost all security functionality you could find in a large corporate network.

GIAC Secure Software Programmer (GSSP) Certification

Ha! Finally there is an official method to tell apart the security minded programmers from the rest of the coder crowd. GIAC Secure Software Programmer (GSSP) Certification is a brand new SANS exam designed to test the security knowledge of developers in an effort to reduce the application security vulnerabilities. It is an efficient example […]

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