CCTV Security Camera and Surveillance Equipment

CCTV Security CameraWhen I started this blog, I wanted to offer free insights and reviews of various security tools which could help in mitigating various security risks. I still do, but I realized that technology is not enough. People are still the weakest link in the chain of security custody of information assets.

A few weeks ago I’ve met a UK security consultant who told me the latest cover-your-ass employee excuse for having too many beers at the local pub and losing a PDA or laptop stuffed with valuable information: My laptop was stolen from my desk!

It’s a nice story and it holds most of the time. But there is a very simple way to prevent such incidents and I’m not talking about a beer ban in pubs 🙂

I’m talking about CCTV Security Camera and Surveillance Equipment which can be easily deployed as computer hardware DVR Camera Systems or standalone DVR appliances.

Either presented as an exterior wireless camera or hidden wireless camera, a modern CCTV Security System must include highly efficient H.264 video encoding, motion detection, email notification, digital watermark and remote management.

One example of such system is the sponsor of this post, the  DiGiCam DVR 120 FPS system by 123 CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Equipment.

I have not used the system yet but if I would go for building a CCTV Security System I would definitely get in contact with 123 CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Equipment.

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2 Responses to “CCTV Security Camera and Surveillance Equipment

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    March 8th, 2009 19:06

    I have the 8ch standalone dvr from and I love it. Although I still can’t view the dvr over the internet, I have assisted law enforcement twice regarding a burglary on my street and a house fire next door by physically logging into the dvr and sending the data to a pc for the footage to be burned to a cd. has a knowledgeable staff and they are very helpful when it comes to technical issues.

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    December 30th, 2009 01:40

    I also use at home CCTV camera which can connect directly to the my cell phone. Every time I could check the condition of my house when I was working. Incidentally I put myself this CCTV device. This tool makes me feel more secure to leave my house every day. Now I live in Indonesia, so not many houses are equipped with this tool. I've put 4 years and no problems.

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