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In the new threatening landscape of information security, Gemalto succeeds to deliver end-to-end security by developing technology around real life processes. In this article I will be briefly looking at a few representative products and services of this post’ sponsor.

Gemalto added value to the security industry consists in a new an innovative technology portfolio which includes: developing complete strong authentication systems using a PKI infrastructure, smart cards, SIMs, e-passports and tokens.

Gemplus SIM cards have been developed to be compliant with any mobile phone and network so that both the customer and the network operator can benefit of new features such as :

  • Broad management of a fleet of SIM cards from one single SIM card
  • Call completion and automatic handset configuration

E-passport and digital ID security has become a must in many countries through the world due to higher illegal immigration and terrorism attacks. Gemalto epassport solutions have been implemented successfully in over 16 countries and there are plans to extend the public-private partnerships.

One more link of the end-to-end security is represented by the two-factor authentication systems. Usernames and passwords are not enough anymore and the answer resides in combining the knowledge ("something you know") with possession of a smart card ("something you have"). Gemalto delivers complete solutions to address the need for increased authentication and authorization including:

  • Authentication and PKI Tokens
  • OTP devices (e.g. EZIO Pocket Reader)
  • PC Link readers
  • Contactless / Embedded contact solutions
  • Stand-alone terminals

These were just a few of the security products and services offered by Gemalto and I’m sure we will hear more of this company as their goal is to become the World Leader in Digital Security. For more details, please visit Gemalto’s website.

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