Skipfish – New Web Security Scanner By Google !

Google's New Web Security Vulnerability Scanner On Mar 19, on Friday morning, Michal Zalewski announced on Google Security Blog : "Meet skipfish, our automated web security scanner" and this had to be taken seriously.

Recently I've seen a lot  of free  "web malware scanners", some of them released by prestigious security vendors , *cough* Qualys *cough* and some of them released by unknown -to me at least – developers of WP-Secure Plugin for WordPress .

Google developers took a different approach and they built an ol' school console application written in pure C which is lighting fast and thanks to it's asynchronous processing is able to inject hundreds of HTTP requests / second.

The source code is released under Apache license and it's available for download here.

I don't have a Linux box available right now to make it and test it myself but the documentation surely fires up your interest on the features implemented in skipfish: Server-side SQL injection, Integer overflow vulnerabilities, Stored and reflected XSS, MIME Manipulation, HTTP credentials in URLs, Unexpected response variations and many many others. 

We owe a big thanks to the Google security team and I hope skipfish will be developed further.

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    May 26th, 2010 00:16

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