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My Twitter Notes on 2010-06-27

I always find inspiration and motivation reading biographies of successful people: @Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot # "Fidelis Security Systems Integrates Cyber Intelligence from Cyveillance to Provide Advanced Situational Awareness" ( ) # nwmap v0.1 Released – Map Network From PCAP File ( ) # Powered by Twitter Tools

Qualys and Imperva Integration: Natural Evolution

The integration of QualysGuard Web Application vulnerability scanner and Imperva’s SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) significantly reduces the need for disruptive patching of vulnerabilities.

My Twitter Notes on 2010-06-20

RT @ArcSight "Entrepreneur of the Year" – Hugh Njemanze, ARST CTO & VP of R&D – new post from blogger Lisa Kost | # "Pro CERT – First Romanian Commercial CERT | Dragos Lungu Dot Com" ( ) # RT @pentestit UPDATE: Maltego v3! – get it at – # RT @securitypro2009 […]

Pro CERT – First Romanian Commercial CERT

Pro CERT offers assistance and coordination in early detection and handling of computer and network security incidents for all its constituents.

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