Help with JavaScript Malware !

I just received today a phishing email which had an HTML attachment and of course it asked me to click the attached file.

By opening the attached file as text I noticed it's packed with scrambled / encoded JavaScript which unfortunately I don't speak fluently.

I have uploaded the file on my webserver and I scanned with QualysGuard Malware Detection service which runs the discovered malware in a sandbox OS to detect the effects on an ordinary PC but unfortunately I didn't get any results.

By unscrambling some URLs I found remote calls to which gave me a hint that this malware might be used as trojan / botnet harvester.

So, I would appreciate if anybody could take a look at the malware JavaScript and share the results with me .. I'm extremely curious on what it does.

Anyways, here is the culprit JS code saved as txt.

Thank you!

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