Qualys and Imperva Integration: Natural Evolution

I've just read today about the natural integration between Qualys and Imperva, two of the  vendors that I work with and I highly appreciate.

Timing is great for Imperva because the proactive services offered by Imperva's Discovery and Assessment Server had no real correspondence in web application world and that's why QualysGuard Web Application vulnerability scanner fits like a glove.

To put it in their words,

The integration of QualysGuard Web Application vulnerability scanner and Imperva’s SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) significantly reduces the need for disruptive patching of vulnerabilities. Organizations can use QualysGuard to scan their Web applications for vulnerabilities and then import the scan results into SecureSphere WAF. SecureSphere WAF provides instant mitigation for imported vulnerabilities using a “virtual patch,” which limits the window of exposure and reduces the security risk on the business.

On the other hand QualysGuard gets a couple of benefits suchs as :
– World wide recognition for it's new Web Application Scanner which is the latest addition to the QualysGuard scanner family .

– Sales support from Imperva's Channel . I know I will present this combination (Qualys and Imperva) to all my Imperva customers, whenever possible because I believe I's an effective web application security solution

Here is a short whitepaper (pdf) on this topic.

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