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NetWitness Visualize

I have already written about how awesome NetWitness is so I won't repeat what i said in this NetWitness review ; instead I would like to present you the most advanced network traffic visualization system I've ever seen, the NetWitness Visualize.

Imagine you need to file a report on all confidential PDF files which passed trough the network  between 1am and 3am on a Saturday morning. On a multi Gigabyte wire. And you only have one hour to file your report. What a nightmare!

Sorting trough terrabytes of data it is a daunting task to say the least and no matter what file carving tool you use, you still end up with hundreds of PDF files which have to be analyzed by hand.

Now, imagine you can swipe your fingers trough 1:1 renderization of all PDFs which were recorded between 1am and 3am just like Tom Cruise did in Minority Report movie. How cool is that.. in seconds you are able to spot classified watermarked blueprints and other juicy corporate documents.

NetWitness Visualize got it right about human perception of information. It will take a while until we, as humans will be able to read binary (remember Neo in Matrix, the movie?) and until then we need to examine the data reconstructed so that it reflects back  the reality captured in those zero and ones.

And even though I gave a visual example with the PDFs, the same applies to audio data as well. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to instantly listen to each VoIP conversation which was recorded during a 24hrs surveillance ops?  Again, NetWitness Visualize makes this real, only one click away. 

If you want to check for yourselves, there is a live demo of NetWitness Visualize on this website but I strongly recommend you to watch this short YouTube video first .

And, for a good laugh, try to listen to an easter-egg burried as a phone call conversation between the french president Nikolas Sarkozy and Sarah Palin. Sarkozy is singing about Joe the plumber which he takes for Palin's husband and that is priceless.

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