Welcome to my Blog

First of all thanks for stopping by and here is a little something about me.
My name is Dragos LUNGU and I’m a security consultant who’s passionate about information security.

Professionally speaking I’m an information systems auditor and I deal mostly with web application penetration testing and security training.

For any business inquiries  please check my security freelance services  page.

I started this blog because I want to really raise the awarness about internet security and I would love to help you in the day to day battle against all the security threats that we’re facing nowadays.  I strongly believe that information and knowledge belong to the world and I encourage you to make this blog an open community where we could share ideas, tools, and spread the word about Internet Security.

I don’t agree with the "nofollow" link attribute and therefore I would love to see as many of you as possible involved with comments and critiques 🙂

Consistency and relevance are two of my posting guides and I wil try to update this blog everyday so you should Subscribe to my feed now to get the latest updates 🙂 Ofcourse you can also drop me an email.

The main focus of this blog is reviewing various security tools which you can use to check the security posture of your network. Please report any dead link trough comments or email.

Welcome aboard and I’ll do my best to help you protect your computers , networks and web applications.


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