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Watir – Web Application Testing in Ruby

Watir is an automated test tool which uses the Ruby scripting language to drive the Internet Explorer web browser. Watir is a toolkit for automated tests to be developed and run against a web browser.

Lemon – Google’s own Web Security Fuzzer

Srinath Anantharaju, a member of Google’s Security Team posted in Google’s Security Blog the availability of “Lemon” , a new web application security fuzzerdeveloped by Google.

PIRANA, the SMTP fuzzing and bruteforce tool

PIRANA is a SMTP fuzzing and bruteforce exploitation framework that tests the security of a SMTP content filter. By means of a vulnerability database, the content filter to be tested will be bombarded by various emails containing a malicious payload intended to compromise the SMTP server

Regression and Stress Tests with FunkLoad

another web testing tool called FunkLoad. This python application can be used for functional and regression testing of web applications.

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