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ModSecurity 2.5 – New Book Soon To Be Released

A complete guide to using ModSecurity, this book will show you how to secure your web application and server, and does so by using real-world examples of attacks currently in use

OpenDNS Offers Free Web Content Filtering

OpenDNS offers FREE Web content filtering across more than 30 categories as a service for your network.

Can I Evade ScanSafe Anywhere+ ?

ScanSafe Anywhere+ is a very cool web security service which is intended to provide web content security for roaming users.

USB Security Appliance – YOGGIE Pico

The YOGGIE Pico Personal Security Server runs of an USB port and provides more than a dozen security features.No larger than a regular USB thumb drive, Yoggie Pico runs a custom Linux distribution and it packs almost all security functionality you could find in a large corporate network.

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