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Operation:Payback or Social Vendetta is Here

In the current DDOS attack on www.visa.com there might be obscure interests and classic botnets involved, but what strikes me is the first ever voluntary botnet made of thousands of home user computers running a bot which is controlled via IRC channels by the attackers.

CCTV Security Camera and Surveillance Equipment

Either presented as an exterior wireless camera or hidden wireless camera, a modern CCTV Security System must include highly efficient H.264 video encoding, motion detection, email notification, digital watermark and remote management.

When the going gets tough, It’s time for school !

A very interesting online cybersecurity degree offered by the Utica College : it’s a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity

Online vs. Offline Gambling

And since it’s illegal to operate an online casino business in US, where are the datacenters and all the servers that host zillions of online gambling websites

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