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Googlehacks and Anti-Googlehacks

I’ve found today 2 resources which are connected to good old Google Hacking Database : Googlehacks and Google Hacking Honeypot.

Zend Powered FREE FastCGI Extension for Microsoft IIS

Microsoft has released FastCGI which is a free server component enabling hosting of PHP applications on Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6 with increased reliability, scalability, and security.

SecurityFocus Article – PHP apps: Security’s Low-Hanging Fruit

The following column was published on SecurityFocus today: PHP apps: Security’s Low-Hanging Fruit by Kelly Martin published 2007-01-08 PHP has become the most popular application language on the web, but common security mistakes by developers are giving PHP a bad name. Here’s how PHP coding errors have become the new low-hanging fruit for attackers, contributing […]

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