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GFI WebMonitor 2009 Review

GFI WebMonitor proves to be a very effective security control which safeguards the largest threat vector in use today : web browsing.

OpenDNS Offers Free Web Content Filtering

OpenDNS offers FREE Web content filtering across more than 30 categories as a service for your network.

New Whitelist Based Squid Redirector – White Trash

It is very common today for malware to “call home” upon infecting a victim computer and this is exactly where White Trash kicks in : It is a user driven dynamic white listing system that guarantees that the outgoing HTTP connections have been initiated by real users. A nice side effect is holding the users responsible for all the browsing history recorded by the system.

Domain blocking with OpenDNS – Free URL Filtering ?

OpenDNS has added a new interesting feature to their free DNS resolution service. It’s about domain blocking. It may seem a poor man’s URL filtering solution.

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