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I got owned by Malware Destructor 2011 Virus

Short post .. After more than 5 years of virus free-happy windows-system I got infected by Malware Destructor 2011 Virus … In 5 minutes I had no computer anymore. I could not believe this is happening to me but it did.. so I'm in the process of re-installing everything. Mad as hell… beware of this […]

etiolated.org – Data Loss Search Engine

etiolated.org : a highly specialized search engine for identity theft and personal data compromise incidents.

Biggest Identity Theft Incidents During May 7 – 15

Identity theft happens everyday and apparently there are no security controls which can stop this menace. Ranging from a few hundred SSN disclosure to milions of credit card compromise – (TJ MAXX is a “good refference” on this subject) – identity theft continues to pose one of the biggest threats to US Internet economy.

Hacktivism spreads in Estonia and Russia

Hacktivism is not dead. The modern way of cyber battle has taken the violence off the streets of Russia and Estonia to a new level.

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